Equipment Repair & Replacement

The filtration/circulation system of a pool is the main and most crucial component. Combined with a proper sanitizer and heater this allows for a clean, comfortable, and worry free pool experience. Below are some tips on things to look out for that may indicate a potential problem with your pool equipment.


  • Air in the pump could be an indication of an air leak. Sometimes this is as simple as a bad gasket. Other times it may indicate a plumbing issue between the skimmer and the pump
  • A high pitched whining sound usually indicates that the bearings in the motor have started to wear out. This is usually accompanied by the motor running extremely hot. If caught early enough, a replacement motor can be installed before the old motor completely seizes or wears out
  • Water pooling under the centre of the pump usually indicates a mechanical seal that has failed and needs to be replaced


  • Water leaking out of the backwash line means that the dial valve gasket needs replacement
  • Sand piling in front of the return jets indicates a broken lateral in a sand filter
  • Dirt blowing out of the return jets when vacuuming could indicate a dirty sand filter or a tear in the filter media in the case of cartridge filters


  • Not turning on or cycling on and off then the filter could be dirty. Try backwashing sand filters or cleaning filter cartridges
  • Heaters should be turned off before the pump to allow time to cool down. Keep this in mind if your pool is on a timer. If the timer shuts the whole system down and the heater has been running there is a risk of damaging the heater or attached plumbing

Sanitizers (salt chlorine generators)

  • A low chlorine level could indicate that the salt level in the pool is too low, the electrolytic cell needs cleaning, or the cell needs to be replaced
  • If the salt unit is not turning on then there may be a flow issue. Try backwashing or cleaning the filter.

Water Chemistry

  • This isn’t technically part of the pool equipment but has a drastic effect on the longevity of everything within the pool system.
  • Constantly running a high pH will cause scaling, and in some extreme cases can cause a calcium build up inside of heaters
  • Constantly running a low pH will slowly dissolve any metal within the pool system. Within the pool equipment the heater, or more specifically the heat exchanger is most commonly affected by this. Over time the heat exchanger will develop leaks and will need to be replaced

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