Pool Leak Diagnostics

Our first step in diagnostics is to ascertain whether the leak in your pool is coming from within the pool shell or whether it is located in the equipment/plumbing. Tools we use include LeakTrac’s (vinyl liner scanner), electronic listening devices, hydrophones, pressure testing equipment , dye-testing, visual inspection (including underwater), plus lots of good old-fashioned knowledge and experience.

Possible sources of leaks in your pool (and how we locate them) include:

Light fixtures
Visual inspection and dye-test to locate leaks due to cracks in light fixtures or leaks in the conduit running from the light to the electrical junction box.

Visual inspection and dye-test to determine leaks arising from improperly fitting jets or cracks in the fittings.

Visual inspection and dye-test to locate leaks due to cracks or ill-fitting faceplates and gaskets.

Vinyl liner
Visual inspection, dye-test, sonar and dive to locate leaks due to tears and seam separations, overstretched or weak vinyl, gashes/ holes.

Visual inspection, dye-test and dive to locate leaks due to large or deep cracks.

Underground plumbing including main drain
Plugs, dye-test, pressure test, listening devices to locate leak in suction or return lines due cracks, breaks.

Visual inspection for leaks due to old/damaged/improperly installed equipment.

ReedPool Can Get You Back In The Pool

ReedPool is the expert in pool leak detection and repair. We can find and fix most leaks within the same day, and help you enjoy the water all season long!