ReedPool Pool Safety Cover

Pool Safety Covers

Many pool owners are now switching to safety covers to protect their pool over the winter months in order to take advantage of the variety of benefits they offer!

A safety cover is made from a woven mesh material that is pulled tightly (like a trampoline) across the pool and secured with spring-tension straps that attach to anchors installed in/around the deck. Safety covers are typically custom-made, custom-fitted to each pool and professionally installed to ensure an optimal fit so you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Clean, tailored finish to compliment your landscaping!
  • Accident prevention (kids, pets, and wildlife) due to the ability to bear concentrated weight and snug fit around the perimeter of the pool! *WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU CONTINUE TO EXERCISE CAUTION AROUND YOUR POOL AND ADVISE THAT YOU DO NOT WALK ON YOUR SAFETY COVER.
  • Ease of pool openings and closings. No debris to clean up! Quick to put on/take off!
  • Cost savings on water at opening, accessories like water bags, replacement tarps!
  • Average lifespan of 10-15 years!

If you are interested in a safety cover for your pool, ReedPool will be happy to provide a consultation and pre-estimate. If you wish to proceed, we will set up an appointment to take measurements and ask you to choose the colour best suited to your backyard. When your custom cover is delivered, we can install it in as little as 3-4 hours.

Deck Lock Standard Mesh
Deck Lock Bloc Mesh 99
Deck Lock Aquamaster
Deck Lock Solid

Ask us about installing your pool safety cover

ReedPool can provide you with an accurate and informative quote to provide and install your safety cover, often without interupting the enjoyment of your pool.