Pool Leak Repairs

Once we have determined the source of your pool leak, you will be equipped to make the necessary repairs. Repairs can range from something simple like patches and epoxy to excavation and pipe repair, or replacing pool equipment.

Following are several common types of leak repairs:

Vinyl Patches
An easy fix for holes or tears in a vinyl liner, usually requires a diver to patch underwater.

Liner Welding
Where seams have apart, liner repair may need to be repaired by welding.

Epoxy can be used as a temporary fix for cracks in skimmers, and leaks in light fittings or jets, in addition to many other uses.

Repair/Replacement Equipment
Leaking pool equipment may require parts to be replaced, or in some cases, the whole unit may need replacing.

Excavation/Pipe Repair
For underground leak repairs include excavating the pipe then cutting out and replacing the damaged section of pipe.

Let the Pool Leak Experts Handle Your Plumbing Problems

With more than 30 years of experience, ReedPool will accurately and quickly identify the problem and fix the leak so you can get back to enjoying your pool.